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Information for VISTA Program

1] Your project's chain may be created on BSC, Eth, Houbi, OKx,Arbitrium, Polygon etc. and with our new plugin wallet, partners will be able to swap between blokchains in a very easy way.

2] The VISTA (Value Integration for Stakeholders, Teams, and Alliances) program is created by Miner Arena team, with focusing on bringing descriptive utility into your project, so your project will show merit for bringing more utility into your project.

3]Miner Arena AI-Game users can stake your tokens by mining your project's tokens in Miner Arena Metaverse, and in return, they receive your project's tokens. Your project gets the Minar rewards from staking. The WIP (Work-in-progress) mechanism is controlled by a blockchain smart contract.

For any project to participate VISTA program in our Metaverse, requirement’s are the following:

1)Provide us necessary information about their project

2) Project must provide Audit of the contract: A pivotal step in ensuring the security and transparency of our ecosystem involves a meticulous audit of your project's contract. This examination not only guarantees the safety of participants but also underscores our commitment to the highest standards of quality.

3) Provide us their token design : Your project should boast a distinct token design, we eagerly anticipate its unveiling. Alternatively, we welcome the provision of your premium logo, enabling us to craft an exquisite 3D representation of your token within our Metaverse.

5) After partnership, we will provide information and your project's account must rewteet and share in other social medias at least first time when launching, also your community is free and welcome to post screenshots of your token in our discord & telegram group.

6)Projects are free to list our project in their website as a ''Partner''

7) The Miner Arena team will organize AMA’s together upon your request (Twitter & Telegram)

8) Provide tokens worth for staking mechanism in our ecosystem; $3000 for 6 months of participating, or $5000 worth of tokens for 1 year of listing, or $8000 worth of tokens for 2 years of listing (all tokens will be distributed to the users gradually within 2 years) If you want later to extend listing we will extend in the further talks….

9)Inclusive of these facets, our ecosystem assimilation is devoid of additional charges. It is noteworthy that we are currently offering complimentary listings to the pioneering 25 projects, further attesting to our dedication to fostering innovation. We look forward to the prospect of your inclusion and the boundless horizons our partnership can explore. You could take advantage and bring more utility&Users into your project.